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Defining myself? I’m a guitar player who plug this instrument in some effects then into an amp, strum strings, change the mess of those pedals effects chain to design new sound textures for some EDM grooves. That’s it! I’m a noise designer.

But sound architect suits me better. An Architextural Guitar Player who produce Techno, Electronica and any kind of music.

…and welcome in this place called Zenpoolzone. A sound treatment and creative production area.

Mastering Studio Session

I recently added the Grammy-award winner Gavin Lurssen software to my Mastering Studio department. One of the most acclaimed software on the market to achieve the most best sounding result to your tracks. Any styles, any genres!
From Pop, Rock to EDM, the Lurssen software offers a wide range of possibilities and control over all the frequencies spectrum.
If you can not afford a traditional analog mastering studio, I can offer you, here at Zenpoolzone, a digital alternative at low cost. Ask for prices and details!


Cinematic Hall

Take On Me (A-Ha) | Networking (Zenpoolzone)
Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygene #tour2017 #JMPayeur #Zenpoolzone
Runners on a Tennis Court | Official video from the cd My Industrial Steel Lung | Buy it here
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